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lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū is the fictional fighting style created in the manga and anime "Ranma 1/2". It has the philosophy to take techniques from all kind of styles to use them in all kind of situations.

The difference with Jeet Kune Do, developed by Bruce Lee to use it in real street fights, is that Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū believes in the use of different techniques that you need in all kind of combat situations like Tae Kwon Do tournaments, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Real street fights, Self Defense, etc. Even can be used in exhibitions.

This system doesn't need the fighter to dedicate himself to this system only, more than a system, this is a philosophy. The objective of this system is to be prepared to almost any kind of challenge.

"Victory doesn't matter, enjoy the fight itself (as long as your life is not in danger)"... Sounds... edgy, but is the most pure way of thinking a fighter can have. Feel the fight, Learn from the fight.

Do not confuse it with starting fights... Do not start real fights, defend yourself from them if necessary... Enjoy the sporty fights, the sparrings, the practice... Enjoy the techniques and mistakes you make.

The Objective

This is a way of thinking, a way of training, a way to enjoy challenges.

You can train techniques from many styles so you can use them in any kind of situation. One day you do a Boxing spar, the next day you are invited to a Tae Kwon Do spar and in the night you can make an all around match. You are prepared to spar decently according to the match rules. Victory doesn't matter, what matters is to be at the height of the challenge.

Those moves can be used on the previous sporty, friendly matches or in case you have to defend yourself, be prepared to use everything you've learned on the real situation (then victory IS necessary)... and if you don't get hurt, maybe make an exhibition the next day.

What we are trying to do is an all around martial arts training philosophy BUT, you don't have to learn something that doesn't interest you. You will learn what you need and if somebody ask you for knowledge, the best thing to do is to teach it. There are no ranks, just martial artists.

A Question... Is This Serious?

For me, at least it is... I like to train in Dojos and Gyms. But I hate a Master, Sensei, Sifu or Teacher that thinks his methods are the undeniable truth and no other style has something to teach him.

For me, humbleness or humility is a big part of being a martial artist and shared knowledge is the base of any modern martial art. Most of the martial arts are derived from another style and being closed minded should not be part of the martial arts.

Inspiration For The Name

I hate to confess the origins of the name. Yes, I took it from a manga/anime called "Ranma 1/2". The idea of the "Anything-Goes Martial Arts" is pretty much the same. I had that kind of idea long before I had the name, but I was too... let's say coward-respectful to express it.

If you watch the story, you can see Ranma learning techniques from other styles to use them in a match, many times with limited rules. Not only to defend himself, but for the challenge.

"Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū" translates roughly to "Indiscriminative Fighting Technique". Which pretty much describes the philosophy.

Who are we?

Nobody important, martial artists from different styles and ways of thinking, Each one with different objectives.

Don't expect people with great knowledge. We are just people that love martial arts and love learning.

PD: Welcome to this cheaply made blog about martial arts. I hope you feel like home.

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